Top 5 Skillshare Photoshop Classes for Surface Pattern Designers

Top 5 Skillshare Photoshop Classes for surface pattern designer

As a surface pattern designer, mastering Photoshop is crucial for bringing your creative visions to life. Whether you're a beginner or seeking to refine your skills, Skillshare offers a plethora of courses specifically tailored to enhance your proficiency in Photoshop. Here, I've curated the top five Skillshare classes that will empower you to excel in the world of surface pattern design.

Each person has their own unique experiences, so in this article, I will only share my personal perspective on the pattern design classes that I've enjoyed. All the links in the article are affiliate marketing links.

1. Easy Seamless Patterns with the New Pattern Making Tool in Adobe Photoshop

This was my first Photoshop class that I've enjoyed and took action after that. I mean I started using Photoshop to make pattern after taking this class.

In this class, Sandra Mejia offers a comprehensive guide to becoming a proficient Surface Pattern Designer. She covers essential topics such as setting up files, working with raster images and Photoshop, utilizing Smart Objects, using the Pattern Making Tool, and creating various types of patterns for textile design.


top skillshare classes for surface pattern designer

Photo from Sandra Mejia's class

She emphasizes the importance of professional file delivery and showcases her thought process and real-life experience in pattern design. Aimed at beginners and intermediate students, she provides step-by-step instructions even for those with basic Photoshop knowledge.  

I learned how to create patterns in Photoshop through this class, and I was particularly impressed with her guidance on working with Smart Objects, organizing files for clients, and the Pattern Preview tools. These aspects truly amazed me, and that's why I highly recommend this class, even for beginners.

2. Create a Half Drop Repeat Pattern in Photoshop using Smart Objects

Top 5 Skillshare Photoshop Classes for Surface Pattern DesignersScreenshot from Mel Armstrong class 


Discover the secrets of seamlessly half drop repeating patterns in Adobe Photoshop! Mel Armstrong will show you the art of using Smart Objects to create intricate, half drop seamless repeats.

I think this class is perfect for all surface pattern designers or artists with basic Adobe Photoshop knowledge, this class is your ticket to crafting stunning repeat patterns for fabrics, bags, stationery, and beyond. Mel Armstrong will personally walk you through her process of creating seamless patterns, giving you the skills to elevate your designs. She also teach you apply your repeat patterns to mockups, and even uploading your designs to Spoonflower for fabric, wallpaper, or giftwrap magic!

Mel Armstrong emphasizes the unique strengths of Adobe Photoshop, noting its suitability for traditional or digital artists seeking a painterly look through various textures—an artistry that's challenging to achieve in Adobe Illustrator. 

I adore this class because it's brief! The way she guides us through the Photoshop process in just 30 minutes is amazing. Imagine gaining a new skill in such a short time. It's fantastic!

3. Modern Patterns: From Sketch to Screen

Catcoq is a famous Skillshare teacher and she has many useful classes for artists and designers around the world. If you are an traditional artist or you make artwork manually on paper then this class from Catcoq is perfect for you.


Top 5 Skillshare Photoshop Classes for Surface Pattern Designers


In this class, Catcoq teaches you transform your hand-drawn art into stunning digital patterns effortlessly. After this class you will learn illustration techniques, scanning tips, background removal, file setup, and master the art of creating grid, geometric, and seamless patterns in Photoshop. She also guide you to dive into color exploration, infuse metallic textures, and wrap it up by perfecting your save and export settings. 

This class is brief, allowing you to learn a new skill in your free time after work.

4. 10 Photoshop Tips for Surface Designers

A delightful and captivating class by Mel Armstrong. This class provides essential tools and techniques for aspiring Surface pattern Designers.

Top 5 Skillshare Photoshop Classes for Surface Pattern DesignersScreenshot from Mel Armstrong's class 

In this class, you will be guided through a journey of 10 essential tools and techniques utilized frequently in Photoshop for crafting captivating pattern designs. Beginning with a simple motif sketch, Mel Amstrong demonstrates the entire process of transforming it into a sophisticated surface pattern design. From drawing and coloring motifs, selecting brushes, creating background textures, to forming a simple repeat and crafting mockups, each step is meticulously covered. The class is filled with valuable tricks that promise to make Photoshop an enjoyable playground. 

The most helpful skills I've gained from this class are creating Photoshop brushes and making mockups. These tools bring personality to my work and make it stand out.

5. Surface Pattern Design : A Procreate to Photoshop Workflow

If you use Procreate and want to work on Photoshop, this is for you. Procreate has limited layers, so if you need more layers for your work, build up your pattern in Photoshop. This class is guide for your fast and smooth workflow.

Top 5 Skillshare Photoshop Classes for Surface Pattern Designers

Photo from Rebecca Flaherty's class

This class goes beyond the typical Procreate pattern tutorial, focusing on optimizing your workflow for efficiency and creativity. From initial sketching in Procreate to assembling the pattern in Photoshop, Rebecca Flaherty guides you through the entire life cycle. Learn non-destructive methods for sketching and illustrating patterns in Procreate, preserving image quality and ensuring an editable layer structure for commercial pattern making.

She also helps you discover the power of assembling patterns in Photoshop using smart objects—a quick and enjoyable technique applied in daily commercial designs. You will uncover the magic of Photoshop Actions, enabling one-click pattern creation, allowing you to seamlessly AirDrop files from Procreate to Photoshop. Join this class to elevate your pattern-making process and enjoy a streamlined, magical journey from sketch to shareable, client-ready designs.

Rebecca also  has another class on Photoshop that helps surface pattern designer make texture in Photoshop called "Hand-Painted Seamless Textures for Surface Pattern Design" Check it out if you're a fan of texture!


Importance of Photoshop in Surface Pattern Design:

Photoshop serves as the cornerstone for surface pattern designers, offering a versatile platform to experiment, create, and refine designs. Its robust features, from layering and masking to intricate editing tools, empower designers to actualize their concepts into seamless and vibrant patterns suitable for various applications. It's also the best tools for showcasing your works on products.

Elevate your surface pattern design skills by enrolling in these top-rated Skillshare Photoshop classes. Embrace the power of Photoshop's tools and techniques to craft mesmerizing patterns that resonate with your artistic vision.


Top 5 Skillshare Photoshop Classes for Surface Pattern Designers

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Thank you for this information. It will be very helpful to me. I have a membership with Skillshare and enjoy the classes so much. I am fledgling in my surface pattern design and hope that I will be inspired by these additional classes.

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