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Learn to Design Your Own Wallpaper in Procreate

 Discover the art of creating your very own wallpaper designs in Procreate. Unleash your imagination and master the skills to design unique wallpapers that reflect your style and vision. Enroll now and bring your creative ideas to life!

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Skillshare class: Learn to make your own wallpaper in Procreate


Have you ever dreamed of your wallpaper for your room with your own design?

Have you ever wondered how to design your wallpaper even though you’re not a designer?

It’s super easy now to make that dream come true with your iPad and Procreate app and let me show you how!

There are many ways to make patterns in Procreate, but in this class I will just show you the easiest and most relaxing way to make patterns. If you're a beginner in Procreate you can also follow along easily.

I’ll show you step by step how to make your first repeat pattern and upload it to Spoonflower to make your first wallpaper.

After this class your will gain these skills:

  • Basic of using Procreate on your iPad
  • Make repeat pattern in Procreate
  • Basic knowledge of designing wallpaper (size, color pallette, elements for wallpaper)
  • Upload and order your design from Spoonflower site

To get started with this class, you will need an iPad, Procreate app and your Apple pencil.

Let’s have fun together and see you in the class!


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