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Learn to make custom brushes in Procreate for beginners

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Learn to make custom brushes in Procreate for beginners 


Skillshare class- Learn to make custom Brushes in Procreate


Learn all the basics of making Procreate brushes, that you can make any brush you want.

 I’ll show you everything you need to start designing your own brushes that you can use in your illustrations and give them unique looks. 

This class is designed for beginners that means if you’ve just started to use Procreate you can join this class.

I'll show you how to make these kinds of brushes:

  • Custom brush 

  • Stamp brush

  • Texture brush

  • Seamless pattern brush


After this class, you will have all the new brushes that we will be making in this class and you’ll  be able to make new brushes by yourself just in Procreate whenever you want the new look for your illustration. You’ll also be able to export them into a set then monetize  them on your website, Etsy or online market such as Creative Market or Design Cut.

I’ll also give you resources to download to get you started and my illustration that I’ve prepared for you, so we can test our brushes right after finishing them. 

All you need to take this class is an iPad, and the Procreate app. I’ll be using an Apple Pencil and you can use whatever you wish. 

See you in the class!

I also prepare for your some downloads and resources that can help you go along easily with this class. They are:

* All brushes that we make in our lessons and some more other brushes that I’ve made before this class.
* 3 pattern tiles for you to practice making your pattern brush.
* 3 photos of textures from Unsplash
* 3 PNG files illustration for you to choose and color with your new brushes
* A pdf file of checklist for a brush set “ all the things you need to do before uploading your brush set to sell online.

You can get access to my class by clicking the button below. If you are not Skillshare member, you’re going to get 14 days free trail to discover this amazing platform 😊😊

Let's go!


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