Review my favorite phone case - The Christmas Collection of Phone Case

Review my favorite phone case - The Christmas Collection of Phone Case

Probably you’ve heard about print-on-demand company where you can upload your design and purchase the products with your designs. I had always been looking for the company that had a good product and with the valuable price for my clients for a long time since I got to know about Print-on-Demand. I used to be very pleased with products on Redbubble, until I received an inaccurate iPhone 8 case from them and I decided to stop selling on Redbubble. But I would say other products were so fine such as: stickers, spiral notebook,  mask. 

I later found another company to collaborate called Printify. Actually this collaboration with Printify is more complicated than Redbubble, because I need to sell products on my own website that means my website needs to integrate with Printify. Another challenge is that I need to get traffics for my website to sell my products, and believe me, it’s such hard work.

But why did I choose  phone case from Printify and not other products? That because I use my phone most of the time and I really care about it, I want it to be safe and also beautiful. I love to see my designs on my phone case and really love using it. It looks different from other phone case in Finland. I think I should spend money on what means a lot to me and not buying what I don’t need. So that why I just sell this Tough Case on my website, because I know it’s wonderful! 

What is difference between Redbubble phone case and Printify phone case?

Here is my story:

I used to order a phone case from Redbubble a year ago, the print looks great but one of the edges of the case has problem with print quality, they even didn't make it again and sent it to customer (me). I just think if someone buys a phone case from my shop and receives a case with a problem like that they would never comeback to my shop.

The phone case from Printify is so good with high quality print and as well as the case . One thing with this phone case that I don't like was the shipping was quite expensive, but it's shipped fast and I got the code to track where it was which Redbubble doesn't have. Highly recommend Printify if you want to have things with your designs. 

Lemfin Design Phone Case

After one year using my phone case the print with fruits one, the print still look good, even my phone has dropped many times but the case and the phone still

Lemfin Design phone case

Check out my phone case shop on my website if you are interested and get one for yourself and your family!

New Christmas collection is available! 

Sale 20% for all products with the code: DECEMBER22

This collection has just not my designs but designs from others artists that I have bought from the stock market. 


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